Friday, December 25, 2009

Caribbean Cruise : The Way To Enjoy The Life

Yeah! It is true that there are many ways to enjoy our life. I do not know how one can enjoys it depening on their tendency. But if you can ask me then defineatly I will reply, "Yes, Just go for Caribbean Cruise". But what exactly it is? Is it the real way to enjoy the life? What are the best things here to explore the world of caribbean cruise? Guys, it is nothing but their world class services what they offer to you during the period.

I know there are many (so called) companies who are just provide the best solutions and (so called) offers. But it is my kind request to all you that please beware about it. Because, all you must know the real things behind it. And you can get such important things only at Caribbean Cruise. I know all you are eager to wait for the things that I am going to explore here. So, just let us talk with it.

Friends, first I would like to clear one thing here is, it is the only place where you can get one of the best cruise deals and stay & cruise holidays. Yeah! It is OK. But what are the distinguishing factors that company supposed to provide you? Yes. It is the question that may rise in your mind. Just take a look at here. You can get Email Offers, your beloved destinations, important information about various Ships & Cruise Lines and the best part is the blog; where you can get real feedback about caribbean cruise and the people who got the solutions that are unanswered till time about such travel.

If you are looking for such adventure then I suggests you the name of caribbean cruise. Now it is your turn to call at 0871 781 9877 for more information.

Monday, December 21, 2009

One Roof to get Jewelry and Watches

What you have done while buying your beloved jewelry? I know, you may think that what stupid question I am asking here. I know, all you may visit a local jeweler that probably did not have the best selection or the most competitive prices. So, what one can do? Is it there are any sort of best option that gives you more benefits without visiting a jeweler shop?

Off course! You have a Internet media. Yes, it is only the inspired way for customers to get what they expect. When we think about Women's Jewelry then it is essential to know more about the things. I think that everyone must look at the jewelry that must reflect on her personality with inbuilt quality.

Even it happens quite some times while buying Men's Jewelry. What to buy? Watches, Rings, Necklaces and Chains, Cuff Links or Bracelets? I know it very difficult to judge by means of its quality and prices. What is the option?

Mostly everyone facing a problem to have a right online media to get such beloved jewelry. Now all you need not worry about it. Because here is only one solution that gives you the value for your money. Yeah! I am talking about the online treasure called ShopWiki.

If you are looking for a watches first you need to think about the type of watches you required. In fact there are many questions may rise in your mind while buying Watches. This website clears the picture 100% what you are moving before to get it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be a Part of Ski Holidays

Insanity or you can say it "affected with madness" - it is the word that world called it "CRAZY". Yeah! I am sure everyone on this globe gets experienced with this word once in a life. In fact, there is no need to say more about this word because it itself has an uniqueness. This uniqueness makes everyone crazy when one can realizes the really (hidden) adventure. But here is the point. Where one should go to get such experience. Off course, there are many ways but have you ever think about the Ski Holidays?

Yeah! It is not just normal holidays you can spent with your beloved one. I know, just keep you aside from normal holidays and think about ski holidays. Certainly, you will be there with your family.

It is true that you have to look-up for wallet saving such stuff on the Internet or anywhere else. Just to make it simple you must strike at ski holidays that fulfill your need. Yeah! It is just away from finger tips. Once you get in, just grab the best deals at Ski Holidays that you never ever forget till the adventure end.

I know what sort of question may rise in your mind. Why I am exploring all these things here? In simple words, I wish, you will never be frustrated for not getting right and affordable livings and the services thereof. You know what? It is only the Ski Holidays that give me enormous energy and perfect direction to look after the life.

Yeah! It was the year that takes me off one of the magical place on the eve of Christmas. Yes! It was a snowy ski resort. Now the countdown begins to come close everyone on the holy Christmas and all you can also get such breathing experience at Christmas Holidays too.

It is your interest to select any one magical place that you most like and eager to get such fantastic experience. Just shake your hands with Ski Holidays and relish the experience of skiing in Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland OR United States. Just keep in mind there are many offers at Ski Holidays. It happens due to rush hour that you could not judge about the specific place. Do not worry about it. Just call at 0871-226-8118 to get the best ski holiday deals.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poverty Beg, "Please Give Me One Rupee!"

My well wishers, it was the day, me and my dad returned after blessings of Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir. All we are happy because my dad purchased a new Maruti Car and we went to Ganpati Darshan.

It was 07.30 pm. I was really hungry. Our home is 52 kms apart from this place. I told my dad to get some food from the corner's shop called Chai Tapari. My dad reached to shop, and I was watching him with brightening eyes.

I was shocked that someone pulled my hand and wispers in low voice. "Mala Bhuk Lagali ek rupaya dya na! (I am hungry please give me One Rupee Coin)".

I called my dad and pointing him out what that boy told me. He is also the same age group of mine. Immediately dad told me, "Dear, please give him 1 Rupee and some biscuits". After getting ! Ruppe coin and biscuits he ran away.

We are on the road for moving towards home. I told my dad, "why he was begging for One Rupee? He was not at school?" but my dad never answered this question. He just told me, "Dear there are many children of the same age group who never fulfill their daily requirements, we called them POOR".

Till time nobody answered satisfactorily (my dad too) "why such poverty in my Country? Shall I responsible for it or the Society?"

My Well wishers, do have any answer about it?

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Swing Sets : A Perfect Entertainment for Your Kids

Yeah! It is absolutely right. It is a perfect entertainment for your kid. Yes! It is the Swing Sets that everyone must have it for their beloved kids. I don't know how many of us could aware about the entertainment stuff for their kids. Although they know that there is something available for their kids but no one can think over the safety about such entertainment part.

Yeah! I know! The experience of swing sets when I was a kid. Till date I have stored all these good remembrance with me. My dad brought swings sets on my 5th birthday.

I think there is no such an investment like swing sets in your child's future. I am sure all you can confer a trust upon high quality swing sets that establish effectiveness, build self-assurance, germinate the resourcefulness and bring fun for your kid as well as the entire family. In fact all you can get such massive and valuable moments by buying swing set accessories online from well-known website named "".

Just invoke your kid's strength and imagination power and ideas through swing sets and its accessories. No doubt you can get high quality and more safety features only at "" to make everyday a special day for your kids.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kids Glasses With Plastic Frames

What is the pleasant way to offer entertainment stuff with all care solutions to your kid? Yeah! It is the biggest issue when your kid demanding to play a game on PC. And the matter of fact, they never come out from PC at least 2-3 hours. In such situation what is the next action of their parents? Yeah! All these questions came out when parents think on the kids care. I know many kids wants to have trendy eye glasses as they are representing their icon in real life. So, why not go for kids glasses with plastic frames?

Yeah! It is only one solution to save your wallet as well as the breakage of such things too. I am aware about your next question. Let me clear one point here is you can buy such quality impact-resistant children glasses for your kid from online website that itself known as trustworthy shop on the Internet media. Even you can buy kids glasses with resin and PC lenses and that will be the great deal if you think on the part of your kid care. Just take care of your kids’ eyes health by adopting the great deals from

Winter : The Season That Fascinates Me Every Time

Passing seasons change the habits and moods of people. Yeah! It is absolutely right. Yes! It is my best-loved time of the year. This season seems like it goes by the fastest and it has more events going on during it than any other season of the year. I love the hustle and the bustle of Christmas time (it quite obvious due the little age) . Even though we do not have lots of holidays and more days off of school. But I would like to get the essence of this season to play with the snow.

Yeah! It is also true that the snow and the cold make up the irregular winter weather. But on the other side at every morning it is a new surprise because you do not know what the weather will be like. I love that intuitive feeling because the same thing does not happen everyday. The cold is so much more comfortable for me and I do not have to worry about sudating or getting desiccated. The snow is fun and it makes beautiful scenery too!

In fact, the snow brings an endless supply of fun. My friends and I all bring our sledges to the big hills in my neighborhood. We zoom down them and race to see who goes the fastest. Then, just as the sun goes down, we all get ready for battle. Everyone gets into position and stays hidden. The game is on. Each person scoops up snow, forms it into balls, and acts like a secret agent. We all creep up on the others to ambush them. It's fun that you can only get this time of the year.

Yeah! It is true that Christmas break is the longest break during the school year. It is a time to sleep in and relax all day long. Not going to school is the very best part. Instead of doing work all day, I get to stay home, watch TV, and play with my friends. For a couple of days, I stay over at my grandparent's house. My grandpa always takes me to the movie theater once or twice. We enjoy getting baffled by our loving Grandma and Grandpa. When we get back we spend our time hanging out with our friends.

God! Please bring the Winter everyday!!!.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Online Rhinoplasty Information

What you think at first sight after looking below picture? I know everyone can point out the most important organ of one’s body that reflects his/her personality. But what others can think when all they are distressed about their bad looking visible aspects? Naturally, one can search for a plastic surgeon who supposed to give a new look to your personality. In fact, we people eager to go for such plastic surgeries but could not have enough knowledge about it. It is the reason we could not able to conclude the right decision about Rhinoplasty. Where one can get Rhinoplasty Information at his/her fingertips?

I think there is no other way out prior to Yeah! All you must surf at this website at once to get Rhinoplasty Information at one stroke. Here you can get more information about what exactly plastic surgery does on your face. Here is the place that has answerable to your doubts and unknown fears about such surgeries. I think all you people never come across musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, etc here before. Now it happens only at this website. You can get not only Rhinoplasty Information but also in-depth knowledge about liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. I am sure if you can look at once above before and after pictures which help you to select the best and expertise plastic surgeon and the procedures. So, just get tunned with this website for getting Rhinoplasty Information.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Affordable New Arrivals from Zenni Stores

I think here is no need to explore the world of $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses from well-known company I remember they are provided unique and stylish frames to the world from long back. Now they bring up Holiday Fun Eyeglasses for their esteemed customers from every corner of the world on their website. Not only stylish frames and other stuffs there is new online section called New Arrivals. Just get your beloved masterpiece to offer your beloved one.

I am waiting for our Maruti Alto Lxi

Yeah! 29.11.2002 is the date I just step up in this world. It is my 7th birthday and I am waiting for a gift. Yeah! From last 1 month I told my dad about it and he assured me about Maruti Alto Lxi on this date.

I have seen that many of my friends coming with mom and dad in their vehicles. One day I just told my dad, "Why we are not get any single vehicle?" In fact, we have a Splender Plus but I wish to get an experience of it. My dad told me, "Ok! It is necessary for our portable family. I will gift you on 29th of this month".

I know my dad will get it for his naughty son. Thanks to dad for such pleasant gift.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Grab Special Offer on Cultured Pearls at

I would like to ask you one question here. Which pearls are right for you? I know it is quite confusing to all you that you just cannot reply me back quickly because of its characteristics. Yeah! Pearls are known as cherished gems. Many times you have seen in paintings, mosaics and sculpture, pearls have beautified the almighty. As and when we look back in our history, pearls have been treasured by crowned heads. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl has become a figure of speech for something very rare, very fine, very admirable, and very valuable.

The world is the witness that every woman loves pearls. Today, cultured pearls are still the best-loved ornament for every function. Here I would like to introduce you the marvelous and glistening world of pearls. Where one can get such type of cherished gem? Is it there any special place available where one can get surety and value for money?

Yeah! The name “” itself known to be a treasure trunk where one can get various types of pearls and the jewelry making pearls. Here you can get Pearl Matching Sets, Unique Pearl Necklace, Classical Necklaces, Pearl Pendants, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Brooches, Pearl Rings, Pearl Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver and Exclusive Designs at affordable cost. I know the pearl has become everyone’s soul... If all you give it up, you will lose your soul. To grab the special offers just dial at 1-619-405-3938 and get most beloved cherished gem.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Personal Safety and Self Defense : The Bear Facts

How can you stay safe at your home? Make sure your house or flat is secure. Always secure outside doors. Fit barrel locks top and bottom. If you have to use a key, keep it in a safe place away from the door where you can find it quickly in an emergency – you may need to use the door in the event of fire. I know there are kind of answers. One can explain the precautionary measures against it or he/she can bring the proof with latest alarm systems. But still, I think the answer or you can say it as a bottom line about your personal safety and self defense not convinced to you and me too. Are you ready for a home staging challenge?

How one can survive in such situation? How one can get ride off such type of fear completely? While moving on the net I come across one fantastic article “The Bear Facts about Personal Safety and Self Defense” that really fascinates me. It is the fact that we have many limitations to keep apart ourselves from such fears but after reading this article I just get the peaceful moments. The author ‘Kerry Sauve’ has reached the depth of the subject severity and opened up the real bear facts in front of the world. All you also take a tour at this article (at least once) for the sake of your personal safety and self defense.

How to reduce the risk against our safety? Yeah! It is the second question that may rise in everyone’s mind. Yeah! We have to first understand the ‘may happen risk’ and then arrange yourself in such conditions. I would like to add one more important point here is, not only this issue you can also get many articles having full of important information at web articles treasure trunk. So, if you would like to reduce the impact of such uncertainties then I think all these articles helps you a lot to boost your situational awareness.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Casio G-Shock : My First Birthday Gift

I don’t think so that anyone here who could not remember his/her birthday gift? If it is so, then I think everyone must move with me to get an unforgettable gift to offer your beloved one. Yeah! It is an expression of love or friendship. It is an expression of gratitude for a gift received. It is an expression of piety. All these terms just express only one thing i.e., you have to remember someone or he/she recalled you when watching the particular item offered on his/her birthday.

But if the gifts in the form of casio G-shock then no doubt it could be a perfect gift for her/him. Yeah! How can I forget my first casio G-shock. I was just ingrained so much that I never think here before. It is the first emotional watch of mine. Above picture always remind me the gratitude of my lovingly dad when I was just step up in the 1st std. Yeah! He brought it for me from the very well known name Almost 4 years have gone and now I am at 5th std. I am waiting for one more casio G-shock that boost my personality. Let us hope for the best! I know the again the time comes to cheer with my family … Yeah! It is my birthday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My favorite high fashion eyeglasses

If you ask me How You Can Start Spending Smart then “Zenni” is my simple answer. Yeah! It is the word that gives me new look and a personality to be center point of people. I think even though they are comes in very lowest cost but they gives you utmost fashionable look with high quality.

Just think $ 8 Rx eyeglasses – yeah! I am concentrating your attention on the $ 8. It is the cost that the company named “” offers you. What else you are required to look smarter? I have five pairs of such fashionable eyeglasses. This is the reason these are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses. What about you?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Step Up Into 2nd Year : Happy Independence Day

My Well Wishers,

Due to some unavoidable circumstances I was not able to updating my blog regularly. But it's my promise to do so in coming days. Till time just salute to our nation on the eve of Independence Day with ZooZoo!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Boosts Your Look Too!!

All we are living in a modern era where fashion is the first name that comes on everyone's lips. Then how can I differ from all these things? I have seen Zenni Optical on TV!!! and I asked for a fantastic frame that I am waiting for a long time. Yeah! It boosts my personality when my friends told me about my new look. This frame is not just for the fashion but it also safeguard my eye sight too.

Can you imagine the price of such frame that I have shown in above picture? I know there are many answers. Let me open the secret of it's price. The company Zenni Optical brings up such prescription glasses at a very affordable price. Yeah! These are the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. No doubt it proves its characteristics on the front of quality, style, and price. I recommend to buy these cheapest and quality eyeglasses that boosts your look and safeguard your vision.

That is the reason I will give High Five to Zenni Optical for their efforts to produce such type of fantastic product. Dear parents, just surf at this website and order prescription eyeglasses for your children.

Friday, July 24, 2009

After One Month

Saint Arnold Central School - It is the name of my school. Now I am studying in First Standard. 07.45 am is the sharp time all we kids gather together for prayer and National Anthem. After the morning session is over all we move towards our class room with heavy bags. First time I have realize the weight of my First Standard education. But now I am become habitual with such a great weight.

Last Thursday, we shifted over to new location. It is a nice 1 BHK Flat near my school. One more thing I would like to add here is now onwards I will be in contact with my best friend Danish. Yeah! He is also staying nearer to our new location; in fact, in the same premises.

My Dad and Mom are also happy with this new location because from last one and half years we have faced many problems in previous location.

Let us hope that this new location will give us peace, health and wealth!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tampa Plumber : Get High Quality at Low Price

Yeah! Here is the place that one can get high quality plumbing work with lowest price. Yes! It is true. The company named "" proved its best work in the field of plumbing. From last 14 years this company imparting their knowledge to the customers at lowest cost. If you read out the feedback and testimonials of the customer then you can realize their services and time attachment to their work.

Yeah! They are proved their one of the best slogan "Where a flush for less means plumbing at its best!" I think no any company can think in depth about their work and services and off course the value they demand from their customers.

Here you can get specialized plumbing work of unclog drains and replace drains & Sewers, installation of water heaters & repair water heaters, repair & replace toilets, remodel bathrooms & kitchens, new construction in plumbing and camera existing pipe lines and off course leak detection. All are comes at affordable cost. Here you need not go to search for a best and reliable Tampa Plumber just call at (813) 902-3370 or you can just fill up a short form and drop a request about plumbing work on their website.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A New Complexion in Get To Paid Blog

Yeah! has re-entered in blog advertising. I think it was the time that every blogger eagerly waiting for the new tasks from this system. Everyone knows that get paid blogging or get paid to blog is a good income source in recent days and off course it settles many of us life more beyond the imagination.

I know every blogger get connected to many get to paid blog system to earn some sort of intake amount for their quality efforts and here this website again ready to serve their everlasting services to both blogger and advertisers.

Every get to paid blog site has its incomparable terms, rules and regulations. also works on such exclusive rules and regulations. I know one question may rose in your mind that what is new in this complexion? Why one can get connected with this make money blog site? But here is my question to all you that have you ever heard about special promotion of this system? If not then all you must surf at this website to get more information. For the instance just keep in mind that all new campaigns will receive %20 of their budget funded to their account. For ex. Spend $100 and your balance will reflects $120.

Everyone look for the Page Rank and Traffic that is the most important point for blogger to boost their blogs at peak. In fact, you can also get good traffic if you are a member of this system. One more thing I would like to add here is, you can trade or sell or buy text links through this website.

What else you required here? Neverthless, a honest effort and just trust yourself about your creativity that fascinates to advertisers and judge their promotion (campaigns). Even advertisers also can get affordable rates to make public their advertisement of their products if they Advertise on blogs through such dais compares to other systems. So, if you are looking to increase the weight of your wallet then I am sure there is no such website that helps you to dos so. So, just mover the pointer on this website to get more information and be a part of such exclusive system.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inflatable Adventures : The Place to Get Party Success

Keeping friends and family aware of the arrangements for your big day can be stressful beyond belief! Yeah! I am talking here about the party. The word, every time fascinates me. That is the reason I like parties. In other words, it is the purpose of socializing, conversation, and recreation that everyone must get experienced.

But I think that without any games or amusement there is no meaning of such parties. And if you wish to have such memorable entertainment then I suggest you that one must go with party rentals. I know, one question rose in your mind that how one can get all these memorable moments with party rentals? Yes, that is the reason I am explore one place for all you where everyone can get unforgettable inflatable adventures.

The website named “” is the place that everyone can make their party sensation. This website offers you the memorable events through their unique packages called Santa Clara Party Rentals. It gives you leading assortment of Santa Clara inflatable slides, party rentals, carnival games, bounce house rentals and so much more that you just cannot imagine.

Even you can think on Oakland Party Rentals where children and teenagers can spend their memorable time with extreme sports like Jungle Climb, Rock Wall, Tiki Island Climb, Euro Bungee, Monkey Motion, Mechanical Bull, Robo Surf, Snow Rider, Laser Tag, Human Sphere, Defender Dome and many more.

If you are neighborhood of Alameda then I think, you can also get an experience on the occasion of birthday party or anniversary party or farewell party with the help of Alameda Party Rentals.

Just do one thing, just call at following numbers to get more information on party rentals and then dream about your expected parties. This Toll free number 1-888-512-JUMP (5867) gives you any sort of information to get success in your parties. You can also call at Sacramento: (916) 729-0203, San Jose: (408) 844-3251, Los Angeles: (323) 786-6218. So, make your parties memorable and unforgettable.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Car Accessories at ShopWiki

If you are seemingly uninterrupted on the move doing inter-city driving, or rather being driven by a driver through long distances, then the ideal way to relish the travel is by watching movies. Naturally, we fully depend on our Car DVD Player that is the only one friend to give you morale support at every destination without loosing its self confidence. But after some distance traveled you find that it could not work and you need more efficient working Car DVD Players. You are searching a lot in the market but could not get satisfactory results. I think it is the end of search to get it has done from the market. But here it is not the case, the website named "" gives you many options with the availability of such items with its location and prices at one place. You can get the details of buying Car DVD Players with comprehensive budget options.

Even more, if you would like to have both the effects at one place and willing to buy a Car Audio and Video at one stroke with latest information in hand then no doubt there is no any other search engine that provides you all inclusive info before This website has latest technology knew as crawling (like Google) that updates every information you need.

You can also get the information about Car Speakers that explore your world of music and gives pleasures moments. Here tremendous information waiting to help you out from selecting the best thing for your beloved Car. It will also help you while selecting the Car Speakers based on some genuine rules. In fact, it is just a matter of your surf to this website to get expected Car Accessories.

Short and Smart Shopping at Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune

Fun and Games, Geography, Museums, Animals, Farming, Zoos, Health and Medicine, School work, Science and Math, Sports and Recreation, Vacation Time, History, Art and Music, Books and Stores and many more. All are belongs to we people i.e., our world, I mean to say Kid's World. As I am also a kid, I fascinate about all these words that my dad told me every time.

But now, summer vacations are going on and I am not with empty hands. I asked my dad to take an admission to such summer classes but it could not possible currently. After all, it is the question of long distance travel to reach at such classes. My parents are also worried a lot to send me at such classes on my own responsibility.

To overcome this problem, last Thursday we went to Appa Balawant Chowk, well known for only book shops, we brought many finest educational books that are more entertaining than study books.

I have brought 17 books that teach me how to write alphabets in various styles? Especially in curve style. At the same time, we have also brought some books on Hindi to know more about the language. After some time, we went at TulasiBag to get a taste of Kaware Ice Cream that is the last stop and the climax of our shopping stuff.

Thanks to dad, that he spares his busy time to his lovable kid to face off with various peoples and delight moments.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Organic Mattresses : It's a care taker for your baby

My well wishers, have you ever think about the baby bedding for your beloved one here before? Yeah! I am talking about your baby's necessities that give happiest moments for them. I think, buying baby bedding for your new-sprung baby may seem irresistible if you are a first time parent. In fact, even experienced parents have a hard time buying baby crib bedding for their newborn baby's nursery. These are the live examples happened all over the world.

So, the question here is, how one can give more happiness to your newborn or baby? Is it the answer ends to organic mattresses? If yes, then I may doubt up to what extent you have to know each and everything about it. Please, correct me if I am wrong. I think, it is not necessary to elaborate the importance of organic mattresses here. But for the instance, it is necessary to have some knowledge about it. Yes, it is the first step you should take before you even think about buying organic crib bedding is deciding what you need to complete your baby's nursery.

But again one question may rose in your mind that, what does it mean actually that one can gets the importance for baby bedding? And finally, where one can gets such type of organic mattresses? Here I am going to simplify your question with simple answer. Yes! I have come across one website named "" that help you out on the issue of organic mattresses. This website is only one place and especially made for your beloved baby to buy all the necessary things that give him/her pleasure.

This website brings up not only organic mattresses but also one can buys organic twin mattresses too. These mattresses are specially made from vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam which brings out refutable chemicals over time. All these materials and chemicals have been eradicated from these organic mattresses, and only 100% organic cotton filling has been used. These mattresses - what I called it as NaturePedic organic mattresses give quality and peace of mind to your baby boy or baby girl. Such type of important products you can able to get it from this website. Just surf here and give relax moments to your beloved one by choosing organic mattresses.

It's my Dad's Birthday

One day evening, someone knocked the door ... "Hi dad! How are you!" But no answer from his side. He just replied, "Hurry Up! We have to move!". I could not understand what happens today! Such type of thing never happens here before. I also turned up to my mom but she could not able to answer it. We dressed up within a moment and moved ... I never guess that the destination where we are going right now .... Oh! It is the part of Kalyani Nagar and my dad stopped nearby one platform and ordered, "Just get down!" We just followed his orders and nothing else.

We entered at big Mall called AdLab where various types of posters represents the movies running at various screens. I just guessed that we are coming here for movie. I questioned my dad, "which movie we are going to see right now?" Again we never answered anything but slowly replied, "dear, we are coming here for lunch" But I never saw any type of Hotel or Restaurant in front of us. I puzzled. We cross over a lounge and get in one big restaurant. Oh! My God! It is unbelievable! It is a big McDonald's restaurant. Many times I told my dad to go for some treat there but due to his busy schedule we could not able to visit this place. But today, my dad proved his words that he told us some days back that I wish to offer a treat on 15th April at McDonalds.

Yes! It was the Birthday of my gracious and lovingly dad. He stepped up in this world to serve his best for us. I really proud him because I know what sort of things he is doing to grow me as a real gentleman. I gave a hug and told him, "Dad, I Love You!" I pointed in his eyes, some sort of tears comes out and without saying anything he replied many thing that no one can feels. His eyes told me, "Dear, I love you too!".

Dad, thanks for unforgettable treat.....

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Sunday, May 17, 2009 : Your Baby's First Birthday Gift

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day : Do not forget to wish

Mother, what can I give you?

After having reached the height of his career a man felt a duty to repay his mother back for all that she had done for him.

He asked, "Mother, what can I give you? What can I do for you? I sincerely wish to repay you for the sacrifices you made for me and for all the love you have showered upon me."

Mother looked surprised and said, "Why do you think about it? It was my duty so I did it, you don't have to repay me. Even if you want to, there is no way a man can ever repay his mother."

Despite her continuous refusal to ask for anything, the son persisted. To put an end to the discussion, she said, "All right. If you must, then tonight you sleep on my bed, with me, just as you used to when you were a baby."

He said, "That's a strange thing to ask for, but if it pleases you, I will."

As soon as he fell asleep, the mother got up and brought a bucket of water. She poured a mug full of water on his side. Feeling disturbed by the wetness under him, in his sleep he moved away to the other side of the bed. As he settled down, his mother poured another mug of water on the other side. In his slumber he tried to find space towards the foot post of the bed.

Sometime later he woke up feeling that this part of the bed too was damp. He got up and saw his mother, with the mug in her hand. He asked angrily, "What are you doing mother? Why don't you let me sleep? How do you expect me to sleep on a wet bed?"

Mother said, "I slept with you, when you wet the bed in the night. I would change your nappy and move you to the dry part of the bed, while I slept on the wet side. You wanted to repay me. Can you sleep here even for one night with me on a damp bed? If you can, I'll take it that you have repaid me."

How eloquently the story above demonstrates that we can't even begin to repay the care, love and attention a mother showers her child throughout the course of life. May Almighty enable us to be of service and comfort to both our parents when we can and may He grant us PATIENCE to serve them during their old age.

Do not forget to wish your MUM!


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