Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aakash Tablet : Online Booking Starts

Dear All,

DataWind, the Canadian company that is manufacturing Aakash, has started the online booking and pre booking of the much anticipated low cost Android tablet. Online booking is for students' version of the tablet and pre booking is for UbiSlate 7, the upgraded version of Aakash.

Students' version of Aakash Tablet will be available for Rs 2,500 and will be delivered in seven days. The commercial version, UbiSlate 7 is priced at Rs 2,999. The payment mode for both the tablets is cash on delivery.

The commercial version of Aakash Tablet will be powered by Android 2.3 and will have a resistive touchscreen, Cortex A8-700 MHz processor and graphics accelerator HD video processor, 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory.

Other specifications are a one standard USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack, a 7 inch display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, resistive touchscreen, GPRS and WiFi support.

"The improved version of Aakash Tablet will be available in retail outlets by January end," a spokesperson of DataWind told The Mobile Indian.

The tablet was to be made available in retail stores by the end of November. "The delay in the availability of the tablet has been due to upgradation in the tablet and some unforeseen delay in manufacturing," the spokesperson said.

To book and prebook student and commercial versions respectively of Aakash tablet, users have to visit DataWind's website and fill up the required form. In case of booking they will get a booking ID and a message which will state, "You will shortly receive an email confirmation from our support team with further details."

In case of pre booking users will get a confirmation message which will state, "The commercial version of the Akash UbiSlate 7 would be launched in early weeks of December. After the commercial launch we would get in touch with you to deliver your device as soon possible."

As a matter of fact, the confirmation message a reader will see is factually incorrect as The mobile Indian had reported earlier the Aakash tablet will be available only by January end.

Datawind has however not cleared how it is going to establish the identity of students who will book the cheapest version of Aakash tablet. When The Mobile Indian contacted spokesperson of Datwind he said, "Anyone can book the student version of Aakash tablet."

This defeats the purpose of providing students an affordable tablet as now anyone can place an order to get the tablet. Interestingly, now it has been revealed that the government has procured only 10,000 Aakash tablets for distribution in schools and colleges of the initial 1 lakh proposed.

It looks like the company was in a hurry to start the online booking process and has not done not proper homework before staring it. Yeah! Whatever it is! If you would like to have such fantastic gadget then go and get it.

Source Article : Online booking starts for Aakash Tablet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Foot Games : Amazingly Impressive Experience

Have you ever questioned the power of an urban legend? A frightening fable that feeds off the imagination, evolving into something larger than life. What began as a simple bedtime story spreads like the plague; terrorizing and confusing individuals. Now, imagine becoming that legend: feared, loved and most importantly respected, in every corner of the world. Oh! I think all you little bit confused about above explanation. Let me clear it. Guys, it is all about newfangled Chupacabra games. Yes! It is a modern mobile game you can play with your most beloved android platform.

Chupacabra games
Nowadays due to the mobile industry development, games are delivered anytime, anywhere, and across a wide range of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. Yeah! In these times, smart phones include a wide range of games which can be played easily by any age group. Just fight with chupacabra who is a monster that used to kill small animals by sucking their blood. I am sure you can get precious relax moments after playing with this stuff.

You know what? Why Chupacabra game is drastically popular at every corner of the world? Yeah! It’s fantastic features make it more popular within all age groups. You can get game center to compete with friends, super powers that change gameplay, jump and dive mechanics to keep you in control, 3D animations, engaging soundtrack, over a dozen achievements to unlock and many more to discover on your own. Also you can meet with new features like half a dozen powers available through the Evolution Chamber, improved tutorial, new vials system to activate powers, incremental speed and improved game stability make it more popular in mobile world game.

If you have not heard the story of chupacabra then I think it is the best time to play Chupacabra game. I am sure this Big Foot Games will give you utmost and amazingly impressive experience of its kind.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Creative Genius : What Is It?

Creative Genius - What Is It? असं असतं काय, स्फ़ूर्तीत? खरोखरच मनाला पडणारा हा एक मोठा प्रश्नच आहे. Creative Genius म्हणजे "सर्जनशील निर्मितिक्षमता". स्फूर्ती आली की काहीतरी नवीन लिहावं, रंगवावं; गाणं म्हणावं, गाण्याला चाल द्यावी, नवीन योजना आखावी, नवीन कल्पना लढवून नवी वस्तु करावी असं वाटू लागते. मुख्य म्हणजे, हातात घेतलेलं कामचं आपल्याला योग्य दिशेला खेचू लागतं आणि दुसरं महत्वाचं म्हणजे आपण शारीरिक श्रमांचे किंवा मानसिक श्रमांचे भानचं विसरून जातो. मग, असं, असतं काय स्फूर्तीत? स्फूर्तीत एक स्फुरण चढतं, कल्पना तरळतात, कुणी तिला अंत:स्फूर्ती म्हणतं, कुणी तिला प्रतिभा म्हणतं, कुणी ईश्वरी प्रेरणा म्हणतं, स्फूर्तीचा पेला तोंडाला लावला की कृतिमध्ये कलागुण चातुर्य, बुद्धितेज झळकू लागतं. ती व्यक्ति बेफिकीर होते. चुकलं तर चुकलं या थाटात वेगात त्या व्यक्तिकडून चूक होतंच नाही. सगळं अर्पून हरपून ही मंडळी गुंग झालेली दिसतात, मग असं, असतं काय स्फूर्तीत? What's in a muse?

Creative Genius
Muse म्हणजे ग्रीक देव 'झ्युस' याच्या नऊ कन्यांपैकी एक देवता. या सर्व देवता म्हणजे विद्द्या, कला, काव्य म्युज़ म्हणजे स्फूर्ती. स्फूर्तीस्थानाकडून आपण स्फूर्ती घेतो. कलाकार Sanjay Bhattachaarya म्हणतो की, स्फूर्ती म्हणजे नेहमीच स्त्री असते असे नाही, माझी स्फूर्ती म्हणजे शुद्ध कलेवरचं प्रेम आहे.

Indrani Rajkhowa Banerji म्हणतात Raja Ravi Verma पासून ते M. F. Hussain पर्यंत प्रत्येकजण स्फुरण येण्याकरिता स्फूर्तीदेवतेची आळवणी करतो. Everbody seeks a muse for inspiration! शरीर मनातून स्फूर्तीचे स्त्राव जेंव्हा वाहू लागतात एक अस्वस्थता येते. भान विसरतं तेव्हांच, माणसाकडून प्रचंड कार्य केलं जातं. Film-maker 'Satyajit Ray' यांचे स्फूर्तिस्थान म्हणजे Sharmila Tagore, Guru Dutt यांचे स्फूर्तिस्थान म्हणजे Waheeda Rehman तर Shyam Benegal यांचे स्फूर्तिस्थान Smita Patil होत्या. Dev Anand त्यांच्या आत्मचरित्रात ते Zeenat Aman बद्दल मत व्यक्त करतात. सिनेमासृष्टित, स्फूर्तीची हजारो उदाहरणे देता येतील.

Pralhad Keshav Atre, Ram Ganesh Gadkari ना स्फूर्तिस्थान म्हणत. आखिल भारतीय मराठी साहित्य संमेलनाचे १८७८ पासूनचे न्यायमूर्ती Mahadev Govind Ranade अध्यक्ष पाहिले तर स्फूर्तीचा पेला पुढे पुढे जात आहे असंच दिसतं. संगीतात Lata Mangeshkar, Aasha Bhosale कितीतरी गायिकांची स्फूर्तिस्थाने आहेत.

Master Muse Relationship किंवा कलाकार आणि स्फूर्तिस्थान यामधलं नातं अवर्णनीयच असतं. ते स्फूर्तिस्थान म्हणजे तुम्हीच होउन जाता. तुमची निर्मिती म्हणजे जणू काही हुबेहूब त्या तेज:पुंज स्फूर्तीदेवतेची नक्कल असते. लहानपणी मला V. S. Khandekar यांची पुस्तके खूप आवडंत. उदाहरण द्यायचेच झाले तर "ययाति (Yayaati)". मला कधी कधी असे वाटे की, मी असं साधं, हलकंफ़ुलकं लिहू शकेन कां? त्यांना माझा सलाम...!!!

Herbal Products : A Fruitful Life of Well-Being...!!

Dear friends, have you any guess why herbal products supplements popular now a day? It is due to its affordability, accessibility, powerfulness, and easily available in a general fashion at the every corner of the world.

Yeah! All you know that there are thousands of pages on the Internet making an informal right about the effectiveness of herbal supplements. It is the truth that various companies, universities and other health institutions had stated the using herbal supplements are 100% safe and effective, not to mention cheap. But here you can find the affordability factor about herbal products. Yeah! They are much cheaper than any other things.

Just take an example of Party enhancers. They made in such a way, no doubt you can get a intensified sensation of well-being pleasure. With this supplement you can keep whole extra mood. Just add fleshly touch and joy while get concerned with others at social event.

I just fascinates about K6 Herbal incense that gives me a strong feeling in entire day. It just freshen-up your mind and feel you relax. You know what? Rather paying doctor’s consultation fees and over priced medications it is better to buy herbal products from Herbal City LLC. Yeah! It is only the hoarded wealth of herbal supplements on the map of the world. At the point of its use; it is 100% for all age groups.

One more point I would (especially) like to add here is about controlling our modality. If all you could know that the modality in itself is a solution. But with the help of herbal Spiritual powders you can change your mood at any time and improve a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

I am sure with the help of herbal supplements everyone on this earth can active marked by good fortune, normal and fruitful life.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids Books : Expose Your Child To The Fascinating World

Dear all, I would like to ask you a question here. What are the troubling factors that most of the parents face about their children? I know that just name a few - video games, television, movies and anime are the biggest challenge for most of the parents. I think there is no need to take a doubt on it. Yeah! Most of the parents surely agree with me.

Many of us try everything ranging from counseling the kid to hiring private tutors; but unluckily, most of the times, such efforts found to be fruitless. Finally time comes when parents start trusting that maybe their kid will never be good at studies; this is where they make the biggest mistake. I think here is the right time to think over kids books. Just gift him/her customized kids books. You can find here many Indian book shops that help you to change the habit of your beloved one from electronic media to children’s literature.

Dear parents, just keep in mind that books are the important medium to provide a particular quality knowledge and education to the kids. The kids books are the window to their perfect understanding of the different topics. The kids’ books are specially designed to offer knowledge and information to the kids in an amusing way. Now-a-days we don’t have to go looking for innovative children books in the book-markets. Kid’s books are also available in the virtual world. Now kids can read entire volumes of their favorite books by logging on to the internet. In fact, internet is an online moral education treasure trove for your children.

So, all you need to expose your child to the fascinating world i.e. online children’s stories and fairy tales. Just grab this opportunity of a children’s book because in general books are great educational tools for any child. Just gift them any sort of book categorized as Adventure Books, Photo Books, Name Books, Feel Good Books and Self Created Books what they like to read. It has been proved that reading helps develop children's language skills, comprehension, concentration and of course, their actual reading skills. Reading is a critical skill that everyone must learn to function effectively in society today.

So, just turn your beloved (at least) towards online story books and get benefited.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

How To Maintain Good Study Habits For Your Kids?

Homework Help
It happens many times that your smart kids who failed in his/her studies. Have you think on this matter here before? What else goes wrong with him/her? Is it because of your (so called) good parenting style? Or is it due to excessive thinking about kids? Or is it your homework help to your beloved one? Whatever the reason, finally your beloved one fails in his/her studies. How to ask kids to open up with this issue? Dear parents, just discover and nurture your child's learning strength.

What he/she is having a little trouble in high school? In fact, you are not the only one. It is true that a lot of tremendously having striking color young men and women have a hard time in high school because many of them are not suited to the "traditional" learning style. What are the things that helping children study? Unluckily, most of these striplings do not have the right to enter to an environment that suits them better. Yeah! And chances are neither to you. Hey kids, what are the things that brushing up on your study skills?

Kids Homework
But yes! There are many online study guide for kids that can help him/her to use good study habits. Yeah! It is one of the best ways to establish good study habits for your kids are to set up a routine that they follow. Just help them to make their homework hub intact. This will help your kids to learn to schedule their day and will give them a sense of control over how they spend their time. Do you know that classical music benefits children with learning disabilities?

Let them use students guide that surely help your child with homework. Dear parents, you can also get online bookrags help. This study guide consists of approximately 38 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your kid’s knowledge.

As a giving care parent, I always got help from following websites as an when required. Even you can get help from these websites that help you to grow your smart kids.

01. Homework Help

02. Useful Websites For Kids

03. KidsKonnect

04. FactMonstor - Online Almanac, Dictonary, Encyclopedia for your Kid

05. ParentsConnect

06. InfoPlease - Homework Help

07. IndianChild

08. KidsClick

09. Oline Homework Help for Kids

10. KidsHealth - Homework Help

11. Homework Help for Kids

12. The Kids On The Web-Homework Tools

13. BBC Schools

14. KidInfo

15. AOL Kids

16. Homework Spot

17. Where to Get Homework Help

18. Homework Help for Big Kids

19. Homework Helper

20. The Official Kid's Website of US Government

21. Homework Center

22. Kid's Dallas Public Library

23. BJ Pinchbeck Relaunches Homework Helper Site

24. The Parents Zone

25. Top 14 Websites For Students

Our Children-Our Responsibility. So help your beloved kid to maintain good study luck..!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Loans That Fulfill Your Emergencies

Friends, I would like to ask you a question here is – can you be sure which sorts of insurance policy you genuinely want? I know it little bit difficult to answer you. But if you ask me then I will revealed a truth about it. Yeah! Insurance could be to secure a thing with benefit for you. Any kind of thing which would have been an economic impairment if knocked off needs to be covered.

Insurance Quotes and Loans
Yeah! I know there are many online agencies and institutions that are pioneers to offer a beneficial insurance quotes. But just wait and think about your most beloved requirement from expected insurance policy. For example, a life insurance policy that gives you plenty of life insurance coverage. But before that you must benefited with insurance quotes online. Here I come across such online agency that offers you the best insurance at the lowest rate easy.

One thing I would like to explore here is, many times we required a short term loans that fulfill our emergencies. Prior to move towards relatives and friends I think such short term loans are easily procurable and can be used for any purpose. Off course, here you can get cash you need today in as little as 1 hour. It is worth to do all these things here because instant decision, fast, easy and secure transactions. These are the important things you can do 100% online. So just check it out.

Kids World Online

Yeah! Online Worlds are presenting that they can be excellent, safe online locations for kids to have an enjoyable time as well as interact with other people. The attention-getting safety features which online kids worlds are giving are well-liked among parents searching for internet to safeguard their children. However these security characteristics aren't the sole reasons why virtual world subscriptions carry on developing with new virtual worlds for kids continuing to pop-up.

Kids World
It is a well know fact that young children grow faster physically, intellectually and emotionally during their initial years than the later stages. Kids World guides your children into a world of possibilities where they blossom. This is the first occasion when your dear child steps into the outside world without your shadow of protection. Hence it is of primary importance that he feels at home in his first outside-the-home environment. At Kids World we have looked into the most complex details so that your kids feel at home.

You know what? Kids World stimulates the child's imagination by providing him with opportunities to grow and develop while reading, writing, learning and playing. Activities at play school contribute to the progress of each child's natural curiosity and creativity. Yeah! Kid’s World that offers your ward a completely safe and secure environment to your most beloved kids. An environment that promotes independence, meaningful play, social interaction and most importantly a passion for learning - that sets the course for a lifetime of learning.

But question remains unanswered? How safe is the internet connection through a gaming console? Looking at recent news, hackers have been able to exploit weaknesses in a console's security to obtain the passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers and birth dates of subscribers. In addition, credit card databases have also been accessed by and exposed to hackers.

Here is the need to habituate them at online kid’s world and nothing else. Yeah! It is the best platform for them to play with safe.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ra.One : The Crazy Fantasy

Ra.OneRa.One - It's an imagination unrestricted by reality! I think this explanation is sufficient for the great movie "Ra.One". No doubt, the Hindi film industry can be proud of. “Ra.One” can be advertise in strongly positive terms as the first Hindi film that combine into one the refined quality of gracefulness and good taste of Hollywood with Indian sensibilities.


Image Courtesy : Ra.One

Yeah! “Ra.One” is an outright Shah Rukh Khan film. The way Shah Rukh gracefully raise into the roles of Shekhar, Ra.One and G-One, leaving no room for confusion, is remarkable. Off course, the first half is entertaining and G ONE entry is breathtaking but second half a bit of boring could have done better than this. Overall it’s a full masala desi touch and mind blowing stunts. Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor rocks in this film.

I liked visual effects and breathtaking stunts especially train sequence. With an estimated budget of around 135 crore (US$27.38 million); Shahrukh Khan gifted to the world. Yeah! I and my parents liked this movie. All you can watch promo of Ra.One here.

Shopping With Kids : A Pleasurable Experience

Shopping with kidsYeah! It is true that shopping with kids can be a pleasurable experience - or it can be a consummate tragedy. Going on a shopping with children frequently be highly stressful. In fact, we as a parent never keep in mind the simple tips while shopping with kids. Before you go out shopping, get some things in place. Explain to your children how you expect them to behave at the mall or store. If you don't want them asking you for a particular item make it clears even before reaching the store. You may even want to do a little rehearsal at home of how you are going to go about the shopping.

shopping with childrenHere are a few tips on how to make shopping with kids a fun activity. Be aware of your children's schedule and needs before you take off shopping. For example, don't take a toddler to a busy store during nap-time or a hungry teenager for a "quick" trip to the grocery store. And, moms shouldn't forget their own needs. Moms who haven't gotten a full night's sleep or eaten breakfast might not have enough emotional energy to handle a screaming toddler or easily irritated teen.

Let your children know what they can expect from you in return for good behavior - perhaps a snack or a small outing. You could also promise a small treat if your children stick to the rules laid down by you. I think it is one of the best solution to survive shopping with small kids.

Dear Parents, you kids or children do not know the supermarket strategies. Just remember one thing here! They are just children and will make mistakes from time to time. Do not be unduly unkind, cruel or uncivil on them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Loans : Your Expectations Are Here!

Emergency – the word always relates to our lives and here we have no option prior to loans. Yeah! It is a situation or says a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action by him/her. Most of the emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation. Normally situation occurs when we need ‘cash in hands’ to fulfill our immediate requirements. Yeah! This is the situation we tackled every time in our lives.

Yeah! Even I know we fall in the category of loans for bad credit. But do not worry about it. There are many solutions available here and “First Amirgo” is the name that I like most. The reason is I can get the expected amount in just three easy and simple steps even though I fall in the category of loans for bad credit. I just say nothing to do more what it requires on other websites or institutions with their lengthy processes.

One more thing I would like to ask you here is - Are you in need of a personal loan to help you through a tough financial time? If yes! Then just simply point your browser to personal loans and relax from all your worries. Here you can get guaranteed personal loans with your expectations. So just shake your hands here with pointed references.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Small Story From My Kid - Atharwa

Above the hundred years ago there was a small black smith who was very poor. He was working at the king's barracks and the king was very rude. He always has beaten for small reasons. One day the blacksmith heard the news. The king said there must be someone who will be my knight. The blacksmith think if I be the knight the king will never beat me. Then he takes a small piece of gold and made a small sword. Then he tell the king can I be the soldier my lord. The king think first catch 5 robbers then I will tell be or not. The blacksmith was very happy. He catches five robbers and got to king. Here are your five robbers said the blacksmith and from there he made the blacksmith a knight and now the king never beat the blacksmith.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi : The Fun Occasion

Yeah! Holi Festival means a lot to me every year. You know what? Every year I got an unique type of gun (what we called it as "Pichkari"). Just take a look at glorious picks of mine and friends...Happy Holi and Rangapanchami to all you...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BuyFansToday : Just Follow the New Concept of the era

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the websites knows as new concept of the era. In fact, I don’t think to write anything about these websites. But one thing is sure; they proved the best marketing strategy in the world through their media. I just can’t count how many small business owners, website owners, blog owners, entrepreneurs, personnel’s from various entity get success through these site by presenting their business or product to every corner of the world.

All you know that, to get success in business either it may be a small or big; one can have a quantity that can fulfills a need of your business. Yeah! I am talking about the followers. It just a simple thing to reach the every corner of the world with your expected product are followers. I don’t think anybody here to deny this fact.

Buy Facebook FansBut to get success in business where one can find follower or readers or viewers? Just accounts on above sites are sufficient? Certainly not! Then what one can do? Friends, here is the simple answer. Just Buy Facebook Fans. Yeah! Apart from your account on Facebook you need to increase or attracts your fans to your business is not sufficient. But if you Buy Facebook Fans then no doubt you can get expected results. Oh! Surely! Just look at the recent trend of Facebook. If you want ameliorate value for your investment, consider buying guaranteed facebook fans. No doubt, success rates with facebook invites varies greatly. Results will be affected if those invited are interested in your fan page or not. Purchasing guaranteed facebook fans will often work out cheaper per fan than facebook invites. Just get an experience here.

Even you can Buy Twitter Followers and through which you will get expected real followers. Here is the great opportunity to present your ideas in just twit forms to your twitter followers. One more thing I would like to share here is audio visuals. Yeah! Audio visuals are the backbone of business. Indeed, you can reach your viewers once you Buy YouTube Views. Anything…just consider or select any part of this concept – one thing is sure no one can stop you to reach your goals. So, just shake your hand with “” today.

Science Olympiad 13th Results : Where to get results

Many questions raised in parents mind that how they can get 13th Science Olympiad Results for their kids. Now you can trust only one name to get the results of your beloved one at Science Olympiad Foundation. It is Asia's biggest Olympiad website.

Science Olympiad FoundationHere you can get everything you needed i.e., the results and recent happenings about Science Olympiad. For example, some days back 13th Science Olympiad held on India level and all you are waiting for the results. So, I think this is the right way to explore the aspects of this site to you.

Dear parents, here you can get in-dept information about NCO, NSO, IMO and IEO examinations and subsequent book required. So, just open your account here to get updated with every information that boost your kid's future.

Get 13th Science Olympiad Results for your kid here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends! Test Your IQ Online

Intelligence Quotient i.e., IQ is a score derived from one of several different standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. It is the feeling that IQ tests are the most reliable means of scientifically testing the ability to comprehend and modishness of a person has always been surrounded by debatable opinions, sparking heated debates. Some have even questioned the so-called scientific basis of the popular IQ tests. Many feel that the outcome of such tests is biased and does not reflect the true intelligence of a person that makes him successful in life. A person may score genius grade in the test, but in real life may be a total failure.

IQ TestWhat is the history behind IQ? Yeah! Back in 1905, the French psychologist Alfred Binet decided that he wanted to pinpoint in advance the "slower" students from the rest of the class, so that they could be provided extra attention in school. Along with a colleague Theodore Simon, Binet created a scale to measure the intelligence of the students, the Binet-Simon (B-S) Intelligence Scale.They revised the B-S scale in 1908 and once again in 1911, just before Binet's death. In 1912, a German psychologist, William Stern, gave it a new name -
'Intelligenz-Quotient", the English equivalent being Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Lewis Terman, a professor from Stanford University, revised it one more time in 1916. And lo & behold, the IQ test was officially ready for mass implementation!

In fact, the way IQ works is reasonably simple. The mental prowess is tested for a number of skills, such as logical reasoning skill, pattern recognition skill, cognitive skill, mathematical computational skill, three-dimensional visualization skill, language fluency, general knowledge, etc. Scores are given for each of these skill categories and based on them an overall score is assigned that indicates the IQ of the person.

If you feel you may have an educational problem, a learning disability, or a psychological problem, then you should consult with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist before you take this test. It is quite possible to have superior intelligence and yet still have difficulties that may require professional help. Scoring well on any IQ test is no guarantee of success in life. Professional psychological help can sometimes make all the difference between partially or fully realizing your potential.

In the eyes of the common man the IQ tests are the perfect way to measure scientifically how clever a person is. But the reality is that many controversial opinions exist on these tests, and the debate will continue till a better measure of intelligence is formulated.