Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poverty Beg, "Please Give Me One Rupee!"

My well wishers, it was the day, me and my dad returned after blessings of Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir. All we are happy because my dad purchased a new Maruti Car and we went to Ganpati Darshan.

It was 07.30 pm. I was really hungry. Our home is 52 kms apart from this place. I told my dad to get some food from the corner's shop called Chai Tapari. My dad reached to shop, and I was watching him with brightening eyes.

I was shocked that someone pulled my hand and wispers in low voice. "Mala Bhuk Lagali ek rupaya dya na! (I am hungry please give me One Rupee Coin)".

I called my dad and pointing him out what that boy told me. He is also the same age group of mine. Immediately dad told me, "Dear, please give him 1 Rupee and some biscuits". After getting ! Ruppe coin and biscuits he ran away.

We are on the road for moving towards home. I told my dad, "why he was begging for One Rupee? He was not at school?" but my dad never answered this question. He just told me, "Dear there are many children of the same age group who never fulfill their daily requirements, we called them POOR".

Till time nobody answered satisfactorily (my dad too) "why such poverty in my Country? Shall I responsible for it or the Society?"

My Well wishers, do have any answer about it?

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