Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why do some people wear spectacles?

If your eyes are healthy, you should be able to comfortably see objects which are many kilometers away and to immediately shift your gaze to read a book of small print lying on your knee. You should be able to do this instantaneously with no conscious feeling of your eyes having changed focus.

As you read this article, light rays are reflected from this platform and pass through the pupil of your eye. The lens of your eye focuses the light rays onto the retina which reponds by sending messages to the brain through the optic nerve. Some common defects of the eyeball may be either inherited from your parents or occurs you grow older. Very many people are short-sighted all their lives, while others find it more and more difficult to read book and do close word as they pass middle age. Spectacles or contact lenses of the right shape can make up for the eye's defects by correctly focusing the light rays onto the retina. 

You can keep your eyes strong and healthy by reading and studying only in a well-lit area. Also, eat plenty of vegetables such as carrots, which are good for your eyes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fun Floor Games : Bottle Tops

It is a very popular game that does not need much material and guarantees that you have good time.

Age : 6 years and above
No. of players: 2 or more
Material: Chalk, a metal or plastic bottle cap per player


1. Draw a circuit on the floor with the chalk, with two lines making a track full of curves and narrow stretches. Also draw a starting line and a finishing line.

2. Each player places his or her bottle top on the starting line. The player take turns to flick their bottle tops with their fingers, trying to make it go as far as possible along the track without going off it.

3. If the bottle top is still on the track when it stops, it stays where it is. But if it comes off the circuit, it goes back to the point at which it crossed the line and waits for the next turn.

4. The circuit can be made more complicated with small obstacles that make the race more difficult, for example small stones, sticks, etc. This will make the game more exciting.

5. The first player to cross the finishing line is the winner of the race.

Tell me about the fun with your comments.....

Friday, February 7, 2014

Television is just chewing gum for the eyes

Dear TV Fans,

Did you just roll your eyes and think 'Here we go again'? Bet you must be fed up of listening to your favourite source of entertainment being tagged on 'idiot box' and the like. This quotation is different, though. Research traces its origin to a 1944 book by Henri Peyre, a French Professor at Yale University. But as TV sets were quite expensive and the industry hadn't yet developed in the US, the comment was about movies and radio broadcasts instead. Years on, a theatre critic named John mason Brown applied the metahor to TV. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright later received credit for this quotation.