Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do it yourself, be a little creative : Make the adorable T-Shirt

Fall-print T-Shirt

Make the adorable T-Shirt with beautiful leaves print. You can even add your name for a personalised touch.

Materials Needed :

1. T-shirt
2. cardboard, enough to fill inside of shirt 
3. 2-3 leaf shaped foam stamps, at least 1 large and 1 small
4. child face foam stamp
5, paint brush
6. fabric paint: peach (or flesh colour), pink, light blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, sage green

1. Lay shirt flat on work surface. Insert cardboard inside the shirt.

2. Using child-face stamp first, paint the stamp (face-flesh, girl's hair - brown, boy's cap - light blue). Use a generous amount of paint, without it dripping off the stamp.

3. Carefully press the stamp onto the shirt, around or below elbow height. Don't press too hard, just enough pressure to be sure that all the paint goes onto the shirt. Carefully remove the stamp by lifting straight up into the air. Use pink paint to carefully dab on the cheeks.

4.If using a black shirt,some lighter colours will not show up as well as they would on a white shirt. You can use a paint brush to carefully touch up the face or hair if you like.

5. For the leaves, begin with orange. Paint the entire leaf stamp and press onto shirt. Start by the child-face stamp and wrok your way down. You will need to reapply the paint fro each leaf impression.Create a pile of leaves by overlapping the stamp.

6. One you have sizable pile of leaves, change colours to yellow. Stamp several yellow leaves into the pile, and then do the same with red paint.

7. Once you are satisfied with the leaf pile, take a small leaf stamp and paint it green. Add a few small green leaves to the pile, and then create the look of falling leaves by stamping small leaves up above the pile, up to the shoulder of the shirt. If you have a second small leaf stamp, repeat this process with yellow.

8. Allow to dry completely, overnight is best.
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