Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do it yourself, be a little creative : Make the adorable T-Shirt

Fall-print T-Shirt

Make the adorable T-Shirt with beautiful leaves print. You can even add your name for a personalised touch.

Materials Needed :

1. T-shirt
2. cardboard, enough to fill inside of shirt 
3. 2-3 leaf shaped foam stamps, at least 1 large and 1 small
4. child face foam stamp
5, paint brush
6. fabric paint: peach (or flesh colour), pink, light blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, sage green

1. Lay shirt flat on work surface. Insert cardboard inside the shirt.

2. Using child-face stamp first, paint the stamp (face-flesh, girl's hair - brown, boy's cap - light blue). Use a generous amount of paint, without it dripping off the stamp.

3. Carefully press the stamp onto the shirt, around or below elbow height. Don't press too hard, just enough pressure to be sure that all the paint goes onto the shirt. Carefully remove the stamp by lifting straight up into the air. Use pink paint to carefully dab on the cheeks.

4.If using a black shirt,some lighter colours will not show up as well as they would on a white shirt. You can use a paint brush to carefully touch up the face or hair if you like.

5. For the leaves, begin with orange. Paint the entire leaf stamp and press onto shirt. Start by the child-face stamp and wrok your way down. You will need to reapply the paint fro each leaf impression.Create a pile of leaves by overlapping the stamp.

6. One you have sizable pile of leaves, change colours to yellow. Stamp several yellow leaves into the pile, and then do the same with red paint.

7. Once you are satisfied with the leaf pile, take a small leaf stamp and paint it green. Add a few small green leaves to the pile, and then create the look of falling leaves by stamping small leaves up above the pile, up to the shoulder of the shirt. If you have a second small leaf stamp, repeat this process with yellow.

8. Allow to dry completely, overnight is best.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kids Just Avoid Fake Health Foods

Dear Parents,

I would like to ask a question that do you 'reward' your child with Junk food for his good behavior? ... Balancing healthy and nutritious food with taste is indeed a monumentally tough ... interferes with the body's nervous system to fake the enhanced taste effect.

It is very easy to get tempted to eat so-called healthy packaged food while shopping at the supermarket. But the realities behind such health foods are quite different.Here are a few fake foods all you kids should avoid.

1. Instant Oatmeal:

Most of us are inclined to think that granola or instant oatmeal based cereals are very healthy. But this is far from teh truth. Oats present in granola or other cereals are extremely refined and processed because of which they lose all their nutritional value, especially fibre.

2. Fruit Juice:

Did you know that drinking one tall glass pa packaged fruit juice is the same as drinking one tall glass of sugary cola? No matter how healthy packaged juices claim themselves to be, the reality is that they are nothing but a mixture of some fruit pulp, water sugar and a lot of flavouring agents.

3. Vegetable Oils:

Vegetable oils may sound healthy because they contain the word vegetable, but these are fake health foods you must abvoid. Such oils are heavily processed and refined.

4. Reduced fat Peanut Butter:

Reduced fat peanut butter has been made very popular in recent years as it caters to people want to remain weight conscious without compromising on taste. Such peanut butters are often known to have higher calorie content than regular peanut butters.

5. Flavoured Yougurt:

You could be committing a grave mistake by going on a diet and surviving solely on flavoured yougurts thinking it is healthy. Such yougurts available in the supermarket are fake health foods which are actually loaded with sugar and flavoring agents.

I no longer eat junk food because I want to but because I have to. I guess you could call it an addiction.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Unity Is The Best Policy

One deserted day, there was a happy – going farm but poorly it had nothing but only lambs roaming and making noises. They usually made noises because they needed some hay to feed on, but the shepherd and the farmer didn’t had any hay to feed their lambs, they didn’t even had money to buy hay for them and they couldn’t afford to sell or kill their lambs for money.

They used to take their lambs in the fresh green meadow to feed them but they had to be warned a wild, vicious wolf was roaming in the meadows finding his prey for his hunger. He usually killed many lambs of the farmers so nobody even looked at the meadow. But the farmer and the shepherd were unaware they didn’t know a vicious wolf lived There. When the farmer went there he gave the shepherd a job “Look at the lambs clear, there are 50 lambs here if I saw one less you are going to get fired did you got that”. The shepherd had a clear look at the lambs somebody yelled from down at the “Hey Shepherd”. Hearing the voice the shepherd went down finding who will be the person yelling my name, at a sudden surprise he saw his group of friends. 

While he was away chatting with his friends the wolf quickly killed two to three lambs when the shepherd came back he counted all the lambs and some were missing. “I am Doomed” shepherd said. When the farmer returned he sawed a few lambs blood spilling at his foot, he said to the shepherd (In a very offensive voice) “you are Fired”. The shepherd feel very sorry he gave his money back to his farmer. By that money the shepherd bought another male lamb. Then the farmer took the all 49 lambs back to the meadow and leaved them all by themselves.
The wolf had a lucky week there. He tried to kill the male lamb and take all the female ones. But the male lamb had a different plan, while all the lambs were merry on feeding on the grass, the wolf was waiting for a correct time. While the male lamb looked away the wolf suddenly hustled over the lambs at that correct time the male lamb yelled Attack! All the lambs rushed over the poor wolf. And what the wolf would do he got attacked by the lambs and the wolf fainted. What a fatality! Said the male lamb all the lamb were cheering it was a correct choice of the farmer to choice a guardian for the other lambs right or not.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get Some Ink and Get In the Clbu

If you’re a guy like me, into bikes and women and drinking, you have to be covered with tattoos. It’s kind of wild that the lifestyles are so intertwined, but you can fight it if you want, but if you want to be accepted, you need some ink. If you can’t afford it, first of all, get a second job, but then, why don’t you go ahead and get a tattoo gun and all the other tattoo supplies you need to get started and start getting to work. Heck, you could even get one of those starter kits. Why do you think they sell them as kits? Obviously it’s so it can help you out, and save you money. 

It’s going to have all the materials and supplies you need to get tattooing, whether or not you’re a professional or a beginning. If you have never used these machines before, they have some for sale at and they will be able to help you find the perfect one for you. It’s really not going to be that hard. I remember when I was scared of the whole art, back at the beginning of my career. I was eager and ready to prove my worth at the parlor, but I was also a rookie and there was much I had to learn. 

It didn’t matter, I was excited just to be there, learning, but at the same time, I wanted to impress. You know that feeling, wanting to impress but knowing you don’t quite have the chops yet. That’s where the dedication and the time and effort come in. Just put the pedal to the metal and keep it going and never give up. I love looking back on how things were and how I was back, before, and comparing to how I am now. You look at the mountain and you think you can never reach the top. But you see the path ahead of you so you just start walking up. And then when you think you’re almost there, you turn a corner and realize the top is still far away, but you don’t turn back, you keep walking up. And then one day, you realize that maybe you’re not at the top, but look how far below you where you started is.