Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Own Stories - 2 : Kingdom Rush

Long time ago….in medieval age there was a one peaceful kingdom named "Gondor Kingdom" with nice blooming flowers, shady trees, happy villagers etc. And two Dark kingdoms were conquering by their dark forces. The name of the two dark kingdoms was Isengard and Mordor.

Kingdom Rush
In this Dark Kingdoms they were training Orcs, Goblins, Shamans Necromancers etc. The ruler of the two kingdoms name was Vez’nan. He tried to defeat Gondor but he failed to conquer it. He created a large countless army to defeat Gondor and the others. But Gondor’s king peter did not surrender. For ranged attacks he creates the best marksmen towers, Ranger towers and for land attacks barbians and paladins. For vanishing he created sorcerers, adept mages. For heavy damage he created TX8 Texlas Terminated, 5 MB big bomb bertha.

In his castle he was having a magical mirror of wisdom it says “evil can over helm the peace but god will send his an angels to defeat them". Now it was midnight all were sleeping then a person saw the earth was shaking then he looked with his binoculars and saw that the half of isengard army marching upon our castle he take his horn and sounded the king waked and said is servant to alarm the army the king got prepared for the battle even the army got prepared.

The Troll chief of the army said make ranks; make ranks soldiers’ first cavalries second archers third. But Gondor did not had sufficient army to win this battle so they were losing just then four men came from the darkness peter thought it was the dark fools but they peter’s friends Aragorn, Gilmi, Gandalf and Legolas. They help to defeat Vez’nan and throw a party and said the mirror was right our angels came to help us. But the staff of Vez’nan could not be destroyed. A small little villager got it and evil got fit in his body. He got his new name as legion but before he could do anything Frodo and Sam destroy the ring and the evilness got fully destroyed.

Moral : Be happy what you have! Don't be in greed to take others.

Author : Atharva Deodhar