Friday, April 6, 2012

My Own Stories : The Story of a Rich Man - 1

Once upon a time there was a man called Sauron. He was a rich man and a wealthy one. One Day He wished to build a golden palace for his old mother. But that time he got a shortcut of earning money by politics. But he failed to do so. The politicians steal that man’s money and he had a loss of food, water, money and home. He became a poor and had to sit on footpath and beg for money. He was walking on the footpath and saw a street goon. He told Sauron you be my servant I will give you an amount of 1 lakh Rs. Next Day that goon and his friends were sitting on the bridge and asked Sauron if you drink this beer I will give you a extra 1 lakh Rs. Sauron drunk the beer and said (saying his inside voice drunkard) you idiot, you crap, you bullshit! You think I will listen. “Slapppp!” (Giving Slaps). The next day the goon and his friend fooling him ran to another city.


Sauron’s friend saw him and asked why you had dressed poorly. Sauron said, “It’s a long story. His friend helped him on earning money.” Now he has a 5 Star Hotel and Mercedes Car. Now he could build the palace for his old mother. After some days Sauron saw that goon and said you take this 1 lakh Rs. and said give some tea and biscuits for your poor friends.

Moral : Do not take short cuts and if you take short cut be sure it’s the right way.
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