Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ra.One : The Crazy Fantasy

Ra.OneRa.One - It's an imagination unrestricted by reality! I think this explanation is sufficient for the great movie "Ra.One". No doubt, the Hindi film industry can be proud of. “Ra.One” can be advertise in strongly positive terms as the first Hindi film that combine into one the refined quality of gracefulness and good taste of Hollywood with Indian sensibilities.


Image Courtesy : Ra.One

Yeah! “Ra.One” is an outright Shah Rukh Khan film. The way Shah Rukh gracefully raise into the roles of Shekhar, Ra.One and G-One, leaving no room for confusion, is remarkable. Off course, the first half is entertaining and G ONE entry is breathtaking but second half a bit of boring could have done better than this. Overall it’s a full masala desi touch and mind blowing stunts. Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor rocks in this film.

I liked visual effects and breathtaking stunts especially train sequence. With an estimated budget of around 135 crore (US$27.38 million); Shahrukh Khan gifted to the world. Yeah! I and my parents liked this movie. All you can watch promo of Ra.One here.
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