Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Stories: Androcles and the Lion

Androcles and the Lion
Androcles was a slave. His master was very bad. He bit him, and made him work day and night.

Androcles ran away into the desert. He ran and he ran. The sand and the stones hurt his feet. He was very tired. He went to sleep in a cave.

Suddenly he heard a lion roar. He was afraid.

The he saw the lion. It came near him and roared again. Androcles was very afraid.

The lion held up its paw and roared loudly. Androcles looked at the lion's paw. A thorn was stuck in it. Androcles gently pulled out the thorn.

The lion licked his face.

After some days, some men came to the desert and caught Androcles. They took him back to the town. They put him in a cage. There was a lion in the cage. It roared loudly. Androcles was afraid.

The lion came and licked his face. It was his friend, the lion from the desert. Androcles and the lion sat down together in the cage.

All the people saw this. They shouted, 'Set Androcles free. He's a good man. Even the lion is his friend.'

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