Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your Need In Your Hands

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Love My School and Dad I Love You Very Much

Yeah! My Well-Wishers,

Really, now I realized that its my school. I love my school very much. You know what? How suddenly I realized this theme? Six days back I step in new age. Yeah! I have completed eight years of my life and this blog also step into the age three. It was the day 29th November, 2002. I celebrated my birthday at home. I have called up all my friends at home to have a fun on this day. First time we talked a lot about my school. Our sitting arrangement, our sweet teacher, adorable father and many friends adjacent to my class room.

Happy Birth DayAll my friends just recalled all these glorious moments what we spent at the premises of Saint Arnold Central School. In fact, I don't have any sort of words to express my feelings about my school. But I realized about one thing that my father had taken up the right decision to enroll my name in such a lovingly school. I think it is the most beneficial gift that my dad offered me. Thanks dad for such a lovely decision. I love you....

Birth Day Gift
My Birth Day Gift...Thanx Dad!!!