Monday, September 6, 2010

Fat and Thin : A Moral of Story from Little Author

My Well-wishers, Yeah! He is a little grown up author. His age is just 7 years and he is writing beautiful stories in his own language. Just take a look and taste of it.


One day a fat boy and a thin boy were sitting in the sea saw. The fat boy was sitting and the thin boy was sitting. The fat boy's weights were very high. The fat boy was go full down and a thin boy were flew away in the sky.

Moral of the story:

Please help your friend because the fat weight is very dangerous to all of your friends. Help your friends to eat healthy things. And make them body builder. And you also be a body builder. So, the other high school kids cannot trouble you for any big-big things. You also tell all we are friends we cannot fight with each other. And we can be a friend cycle and helps to each other. The old man cannot cross the Zebra-Parking. Please help them. You can get many blessings. The old man give you more ideas for studying, exploring and researching. Thank you!

In fact, this little author just drawn what his mind tells him. Just the ramblings. You know?
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