Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Have Got The Meaning of Life

Life – it is the period between birth and the present time. Everyone has got this gift from the God. Yeah! Whole world is God gifted. But many of us have been caught and experienced with injustice of such a God gifted life cycle for no reason. Its best example is the ROHAN, my one of the relative. He is handicapped by birth. Yeah! God gifted him the injustice as he could not talk and even listen what we called it as physically impaired. As a far away relatives and relationship I could not get any chance to face off with ROHAN to meet and talk him here before. But some days back for some official work I have been his town. I moved his home and met with ROHAN.

ROHAN has 10 years old. Due to his physically impaired ness his parents admitted him in school especially made for handicapped children. We were sitting in hall. While looking inside his home here and there I have sighted one of the showcases located at the center of the hall. There are many trophies and accolades. All these ornaments beautified this hall showing the achievements of ROHAN. I just questioned Rohan’s mom, “aunty, who has got all these trophies and accolades?” Rohan’s mom pointed towards Rohan and replied, “Its all belongings to Rohan. He draws beautiful paintings. He has participated in many competitions and got all these ornaments.” Now it is the time I have surprised after all these quotes listened from his mom. I have told Rohan’s mom, “Can we see his drawings?” His mom gesticulates with her hands to Rohan to show his drawings. Rohan opened up his drawings in front of us. There are many types of drawings. Some drawings presented the lives patterned with alternating squares of colors. Some shows the beautiful picturesque of nature. Some revealed the Indian culture, tradition and a fabricated faces of men and women. While seeing his art my mind and heart could not believe that all these fascinating drawings can draw a just 10 years old boy who is physically impaired.

Even Rohan is good in his studies. The knowledge of language what we called it as LIPI especially made for dumb and early impaired children; Rohan has got it in very little age. I just simply asked his mom that he is different from any other normal boy; it means you have to take a special care for Rohan. His mom smiled and replied, “Yeah! Definitely, we take care of him as a special child; to whom we complain about it? Rohan must get an experience and more effort in his every activity through out the life. But our Rohan never looked back at all and we also support him to fight with life.” While quoting all these words I have seen that her mom’s face with full of pride.

Rohan never compromised even he is physically impaired. He was studying the life’s chapters, getting the success in his all activities and fight with life… neglecting his own sorrows. Even though, many of us have got beautiful (physically fit) life but they are not satisfied with their life style. I think for those Rohan is the best example.

Yeah! I have got the meaning of life while realizing the efforts that Rohan put to come forward on the dais of life; and I remembered some lines with new meanings of the great poet Mr. Mangesh Padgaonkar

इतकं दिलंस, इतकं दिलंस तू मला
की -या अर्थान जगायला शिकवलस मला….. and I left his home.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Medical Assistant : The Profession of New Era

Yeah! Everyone on this globe has identified by some special profession and a profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training, the purpose of which is to supply disinterested counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain. Become a successive identity one can have a special education to serve the society. In the world market there are many professions that calling you to hire your services for the right cause.

I think medical assistant is one of the great professions of new era that serves the need of both i.e., individual and patients. But many of us could not know the right place where they can get such education become a medical assistant. Who help in this regards to provide exclusive and intensive training on this matter? Is it there any organization to spread the greatest information that helps to select the carrier for life? Yeah! I have found the school named St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. It is true that there are many candidates and even the successive people who blessed by the word medical assistants and provide their services to the society happily. It just set your life through the St. Augustine Medical Assistant School’s distance education program.

I think it is one of the greatest professions of new era to become a unique professional identity. What you think?