Monday, September 7, 2009

Casio G-Shock : My First Birthday Gift

I don’t think so that anyone here who could not remember his/her birthday gift? If it is so, then I think everyone must move with me to get an unforgettable gift to offer your beloved one. Yeah! It is an expression of love or friendship. It is an expression of gratitude for a gift received. It is an expression of piety. All these terms just express only one thing i.e., you have to remember someone or he/she recalled you when watching the particular item offered on his/her birthday.

But if the gifts in the form of casio G-shock then no doubt it could be a perfect gift for her/him. Yeah! How can I forget my first casio G-shock. I was just ingrained so much that I never think here before. It is the first emotional watch of mine. Above picture always remind me the gratitude of my lovingly dad when I was just step up in the 1st std. Yeah! He brought it for me from the very well known name Almost 4 years have gone and now I am at 5th std. I am waiting for one more casio G-shock that boost my personality. Let us hope for the best! I know the again the time comes to cheer with my family … Yeah! It is my birthday!