Sunday, May 17, 2009 : Your Baby's First Birthday Gift

Baby - he/she, your very young child who has not yet begun to walk or talk ... Yeah! My well wishers, your baby is an immature childish person. I know, all you very well known the meaning of genius. Your baby, who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality wants special and extraordinary things to sustain the meaning of genius. I am concentrating your mind towards the most important thing. Yeah! The world called it as baby gifts.

In fact, it is not my right to suggest you that buy a special and particular baby gifts for your beloved genius baby. But one thing is clear, have you ever think on its reliability? I know, there is a boom of baby products that has been easily available in the market and parents often assume that because a product is designed for use by babies, it is safe. We have seen that old photographs that show smiling babies in a crib, carriage, or stroller. But it is the fact that most people do not remember ever getting hurt by these products, nor do they expect their babies to get hurt. Those memories, however, do not reflect reality. As a result of it I now know that an alarmingly high number of injuries are associated with the use of baby products each year. So, it is time to think on this subject very seriously.

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